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Extraction Academy

Intro To Distillation

Intro To Distillation


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8 Hour Class

This live in-person class is held in our licensed production facility in Las Vegas, NV. For those who wish to extend their knowledge beyond the initial extraction process, we offer an introductory class on the post-processing distillation procedure. Here is where you will learn how to take already extracted crude oil, and purify it down to its cannabinoids commonly referred to as “distillate”. You will be shown how to use the distillate to formulate and mix vape oil, fill vape pen cartridges, and other infused products.

Course Topics & Outline
  • Distillation Theory [9am-9:30am]
    • What is Distillation?
      • Simple Distillation
      • Fractional Distillation
      • Wiped Film/Thin Film Distillation
  • Winterization [9:30am-10:00am]
  • Filtration [10:00am-10:30am]
  • Solvent Recovery [10:30am-11:00am]
    • How Roto Evaporators work
    • Falling Film Distillation
  • QUICK BREAK [11am-11:10am]
  • The Anatomy of a Short Path Distillation Kit [11:10am-11:40am]
    • How to setup your short path glass
    • Stainless steel v glass
  • The Anatomy of a Wiped Film Evaporator [11:40am-12:00pm]
    • How wipers work
    • Fundamentals for operators
    • Examining each vessel’s functionality and variations
    • Comparing common systems and exploring the pro’s and con’s to each
  • LUNCH BREAK [12pm-1pm]
    • Lunch is on your own. We encourage you to use this time to network and build relationships with your classmates.
  • Live Distillation Demonstration [1pm-4pm]
    • Quick Break [2:45pm-3:00pm]
  • Cleaning, & Sanitation Procedures [4:00pm-4:15pm]
  • Finished Products + Live Cartridge Filling Demonstration [4:15pm-4:45pm]
    • Distillate
    • How to mix vape oil
    • How to fill cartridges & disposables
    • Best hardware for distillate vapes
    • Edibles & Infused products
  • Q&A + Open Discussion [4:45pm-5pm]

Las Vegas, NV - exact address will be given upon enrollment 
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