Lab Design

Our team will design your lab to C1D1 industry standards to ensure safety and compliance with all state requirements. We will create efficient workflow to best utilize lab space and set your team up for immediate success.

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Equipment Curation

We will curate a list of lab equipment specific for each client based on market demand and production projections. We have relationships with many of the top extraction equipment manufacturers in the industry which allows us to SAVE you money on all necessary lab equipment. Closed-loop systems, Short Path Distillation kits, Ovens, Pumps, Chillers and everything in between – SAVE TIME AND HEADACHES.

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On-Site Training

Managing several labs in multiple states over the last 10 years has allowed our team the experiences to continuously learn new tricks, tips, and lab secrets. Our team will train your staff how to perform proper techniques when doing BHO extraction, Fractional Distillation, Post Processing Procedures, Packaging, Storing, etc.

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Standard Operating Procedures

We will provide a list of written standard operating procedures – a step by step guide of how each product is made and how each piece of equipment is used. We will curate a custom list of SOPs based on the equipment you have and how your lab is designed.

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